It is the real feel giver in watching the movies, It takes up the cinema level in to some extreme level by adding special effects inside the theater. Technology improvement leads to make the 3D and 4D movies for getting lively effect from movie. As per the movies the technology helps to made theater with 4D effects. It is the simple extension of 3D theaters where you can get the real enjoyment in all the scenes on the movie. The four dimensional movies are designed by using some special advanced video softwares to deliver the high end video quality. At the same time nowadays 3D audio tracks are included in the 3D and 4D movies for getting the future quality in theater. The seats in the theater are fixed with the hydraulic system where it will shake or move the chair according to the video.

The movie is synchronized with these seats using the software where it will gives the movement as per the video. These seats are really suitable for watching the action movies. The seats are made in high end leather fabric so you can sit comfortably for long time. It will rotate in all the directions where it has the water sprayer in head rest of the seat, you can get the water spray when if the scene comes like some one or something thrown in the water. The surround sound effect are made with the 7.1 Dolby digital sound effect will divides the audio track in to many tracks to get the sound of each thing clearly. Wearing the 4D glass while watching the movie gives more thrill effect in all the scenes like if the car get clashes then it feels like happening in front of you. Wearing the seat leg belts while sitting in the seats protects from discomfort during the fast movement of seats.

Influence Of Cinema In Today’s World :

Compared to other outdoor entertainment features, watching cinema is the cheapest entertainment mode among all others such as theme park, clubs and so on. The exposition of an art in a big screen is considered as cinema. One can notice the influence of cinema in today’s world very much among the people. And the impact is noted more among young children as most of the children are addicted to cinemas and they keep on following the particular actor or actresses and keep repeating their actions often even after long time after the release of the movie.

These cinema hero’s have a greater effect on the people as many people have stopped smoking, usage of drugs, alcohol and lot more when their favorite hero advises in any ad shows not to use any kind of alcohols or cigarettes. And in Don movies, we can notice the usage of alcohol and cigarettes more for style but younger generation people thinks it has real and start doing the same. Thus most of the people consider cinemas more than an entertainment mode. The effect of cinemas are more influenced in the urban population as rural and poor people have no time and money to watch movies in the theaters. And the movies like action, romantic and comedy movies have more influence among the urban people. And watching movies in theaters have another advantage like people can enjoy the movie with hundreds of people around them and can produce any kind of whistle sound or other sounds which gives more happiness to the people.

Entertainment For Mind Relaxation:

Entertainment is nothing more than an activity which people perform to overcome from mental stress and even to relax themselves. There are many different varieties of entertainment like indoor games, outdoor games, online games, movies, theme park and so on are available which will be choosed depending upon the interest of the people. For example, some people are very much crazy about going to theme park as one can spend more time there but some people like playing indoor games without going anywhere so we can say that these entertainment ways changes according to the people’s interest but one can surely say that entertainment plays a vital role in the mind and body relaxation so it is must in everyone’s life in this busy life.

In this stressful life, entertainment has become the most essential part of each and every human life. As most of the people want to refresh their mind and body by some mode of entertainment. Even some people arrange for birthday parties, get together parties, functions, reception and so many in order to unite the family and friends and have lot of fun.Even many clubs have been started nowadays in which people can become members and entertain themselves as many refreshment and recreation programs will be conducted often in these clubs. Many people even prefer to go to tours yearly once as in tour, one can learn many things about the place and its culture and can also enjoy nicely by spending more time with the family members.

Music For Pleasant Entertainment:

Music is a pleasant entertainment mode as due to its pleasant music, it gaps the attention of many people. Eventhough music is created by mankind, it rules the human society by its melodies, rocking and pleasant music. Nowadays in everyone’s daily life, music plays a major role. As music helps the people even to get rid of work tension or other tension and calm down the mind. Some people are even addicted to music which makes to warble the music even at the time of bathing. And also people hears the music from different mode like radio, television, home stereo and even when they are in traveling as the traveling tension will not be felt when one is hearing music.

Due to improvement in technology, many instrument in the form of music players are invented which are very handy and even minute music can also be heard accurately when one is hearing music in these player. And music can be heard even in our mobile phones either with the help of headset or else directly. Nowadays we can notice radio facility and memory card availability in most of the low cost mobiles too. Thus one can say clearly that music is a very good medicine to the human heart as it relieves us from mental tension. But the main disadvantage in hearing music during driving is that more number of accidents are taking place when one is driving the vehicle by hearing the music which was noticed from a recent study.

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